Social Network

Pulse is an open-source social network built on Firebase Realtime Database. Think Instagram on a map, the 'Pulse' of the city as life unfolds around you, providing ideas of what to do and where to go next. The events in Pulse are all recent - from the past 24 hours - but they can be saved indefinately by favoriting.

Planets 3D

Augmented Reality

Planets 3D is an Augmented Reality (AR) App for the iPhone that allows you to explore our solar system. You can place the planets in front of you, and then explore them in 3-dimensions by walking around them and moving your phone's camera.

Lyon Real Estate

Real Estate Search

This real estate search App is similar to Redfin or Zillow with added features specific to the Sacremento area, and a personalized feel.


Language Learning

This subcription-based language learning App uses In-App Purchases and Parallax ScollViews for 'freemium' content and rich visual effects, respectively. Powered by a custom backend to allow the phrase library to be updated without republishing the app.



It has been said that excellence is a habit, and I agree. Studies show that completing tasks each day helps integrate a habit, and over time, those habits solidify. If we are the sum of our habits, then cultivating positive habits is important. This iPhone App allows you to focus on just three habits at a time, with a narrow focus that will improve your ability to integrate them into your life.



A basic weather App with a beautiful, minimalistic design, SexyWeather uses a public weather API to show weather data for a few major US Cities.